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Tarot Readings: Windows to our past, Keys to our present and Doors to our future

Everyone wants to accomplish things in their lifetime may it be for business, education, family, and even with love life. We are all born under the same skies, they would often say. And it doesn’t hurt if we look into ways or guides to help us accomplish our dreams. And because of the influence of different cultures stemming from the medieval times, we’ve come to consult the stars and the cards to predict the future. In later times, horoscopes, tarot readings and feng shui provided very useful information to people for the love lives, decisions and even their destinies.
Tarot cards originated in 15th century Europe as a pack of 78 cards intended for playing card games such as French Tarot and the Italian torochini. The first tarot cards were made between 1430 to 1450 in Bologna and Milan in Northern Italy. From what started as local card game became an instrument for divination and the occult in the late 18th to 19th Century. The introduction of tarot readings for magic and mysticism was made by Swiss Clergyman Antoine Court de Gebelin released a study on religious symbolism and modern world survival. It was also stated that the Romanies (Gypsies) were the ones who used tarot cards for divination.
In modern times, tarot cards are used for psychoanalysis and as a guide to predicting the future. The deck used by esoterics has two parts, the Major Arcana or the greater secrets and the Minor Arcana or the lesser secrets. The art illustrations found on each card represents a significant point to determine one’s past or future life.

For the believers and non-believers, here are the benefits of tarot readings for you:

Tarot Readings gives you a clearer perspective of your life:
Both uplifting and insightful, tarot readings will give you a clearer perspective regarding your past, present and your future. The tarot readers will give you possible outcomes regarding your current situation whether it involves your family, friends, love life and even career and financial decisions.

However, tarot readers are not fortune tellers. Your question will solely depend on your chosen deck of tarot cards. It will still be up to you to take the necessary action to make it happen.

Tarot Readings can be done privately and in the comforts of your own home

Gone are the days when you had to visit tarot readers at fairs or in their offices. Nowadays, with the onset of the internet, you can have free tarot readings online. You will be spared from a lot of people waiting for their turn and make the experience more personal. Registered users can have the privilege to ask questions to tarot readers and have their readings in an instant. You have the flexibility if you prefer phone or online chat conversations to interpret your tarot readings.

Although tarot readings online are a dime a dozen nowadays, it still pays to do research to prevent fraudulent readings. Try to ask recommendations from friends and it also pays if you do comparisons of your readings.
Tarot cards can unravel your past and help you move on with your present and future
Your tarot readings can help you understand your past life decisions and guide your future decisions as well. It will also help you be prepared for any specific circumstance that will take place in your present life. It can also present possible options that will make your present and future life better. Tarot deck cards can also help answer secrets from your past life and help you to move forward.

However, the readings should serve as a guide and should not rule your life as whole. You still have the right to choose which path to take and if you will follow this advice to rule your life.

Readings give out self-validation and self confidence
Need signs or guides regarding a big decision? Tarot readings can help you sort out whatever feelings are lurking inside you. It gives you confidence to go with your decision. Self-validation is fulfilled by tarot readings. We often search for the truth, even if we know that the truth is just inside us waiting to be revealed. We might worry whether we’ll be making the right decision or if your actions will guarantee success. Readings can help you put into perspective all the things to consider before taking the big plunge.

Although your decisions and the results of the tarot decks may contradict at times, you still have the choice about what steps to take in your life and the choices to make. We are still responsible for our life choices and the decisions we make.

Tarot cards help you achieve peace of mind and keep your heart at ease Because the tarot readings focus on you, they help you gets the balance you need to be centered in life. Good tarot readings also help relieve stress and tension. They help us to be more at peace with ourselves. A tarot reading will help you achieve peace of mind because it can give answers to questions that have been troubling you. It also gives you the confidence to face your fears and puts your heart at ease.
We must also keep in mind that a good tarot reader is not out to preach or tell us what to do in the future, because in reality there is only one future and we are the ones making it. They should help you understand your readings and not confuse your feelings.

A good tarot reading results in a greater sense of well-being, balance and peace within us. Some might still be skeptical about the truths that it presents, yet they will surely help us learn more about ourselves and be definite about the kind of journey we would like to take in our lives.