Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Cards

Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Cards

In the tarot world there has been some people that wonder what the difference is between tarot cards and Oracle cards. One brief difference will be the tarot cards are used for many different situations, whereas Oracle cards are more personal within that persons self.

As everyone knows tarot cards have a total of cards numbering 78. This is made up by 52 minor Arcana cards that are equally broken down into four different categories as swords, pentacles, wands, and cups.

Oracle cards can number from 30 to 200 in total and are not separated into different categories. These cards are also not usually numbered, and it is said that the Oracle cards offer insight and positive outlooks. Its not as straightforward as tarot cards.

Oracle cards are not on a set structure unlike tarot cards which follow a structure themselves.

Tarot cards can also be used for what they’re were originally used for which is a game of playing cards. You can not use Oracle cards to play games like bridge or Rummy.

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